30 March 2011

One Universe, One War

This looks soo awesome. Curious if I am going to like the console fps as much as Eve Online classic. Will most definitely try to get a hang of it asap and see if there is shit to kill for a future Dust514 Septagon Trans Illuminati Killboard.

12 January 2011

Hulk dead in a hidden belt

When I got to Uusanen (a 0.4 sys in The Bleak Lands) and noticed this guy was mining a hidden belt, I parked my Hound in a station nearby and jc'ed back to HQ in Kurniainen (only 7 jumps away) to get a Helios. Flew back making best speed, scanned him out in 20 secs, bookmarked his position, and got the bomber in quick for the final touch.

30 December 2010

Fly safe BDEAL

After almost 6 months we decided to leave Important Internet Spaceship League (BDEAL) and go back to our roots. Since we left we managed to kill a large bunch of ships in our HQ system kurniainen and some of the adjecent systems. We had a great time with this alliance but noticed that things were not going 'our' way. To all bdeal pilots: 'Fly Safe guys'!

11 December 2010


Being able to properly fly a commandship like the Absolution is just an awesome feeling. Especially if you manange to generate 7 killmails in less than 24 hours after buying your first. Here is an impression of that day.

04 September 2010

Master Thief

I know a guy who fits this scenario perfectly, his name is: ""

01 September 2010

Alliance Topkiller Position

You know those alliance capsuleers that say "i don't care about my position on the killboard for this month or all time"? Yeah sure. Anyway, I've managed to get on the "alltime" list within a period of 2 months after entering the Important Internet Spaceship League aka BDEAL Alliance. June (topkiller position at 15, 74 kills, July (tk pos at 4, 183 kills, August (tk pos at 7, 140 kills). It's a dirty job but someone has got to do it.

This last august was the best month ever with an Avatar (Titan) kill, some nasty black ops hot drops, logi powered fleet ops and some nice solo kills in the peripherals.

My current all time position for the alliance is 17.